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Approach to Massage

As a computer consultant in the digital age and a member of a consumer society I have been able to observe the closeness, the affinity, between people diminishing, ironically, as people move increasingly physically closer. Not so long ago, it was common to leave one’s doors unlocked at night, and now hardly anyone thinks twice about turning the latch as soon as they arrive home. Individuals are embracing their online buying power. The idea of ‘click today, unwrap tomorrow,’ is no longer science fiction. With groceries and other necessities delivered directly to one’s door and the possibility of telecommuting as a rule, not the exception, one may go days or longer without being touched by another living soul.

This is not healthy for a single individual for any length of time. Studies have shown that an infant’s sense of well being and acceptance is directly related to the kind and amount of touch it receives. The relationship between an increased sense of well being and acceptance as a function of increased tactile stimulation continues into adulthood and maturity. If I can make a difference in society, just one person at a time, wouldn’t that be something worth living for?


Ray Blount