Massage Benefits & Employer Benefits

The two main types of effects of massage are mechanical and reflex. Mechanical effects involve direct physical effects of massage techniques on the tissues they contact. Reflex effects are the indirect effects on body functions and tissues through the response of the nervous or energetic systems of the body.

Benefits of Massage by Body System

    • Circulatory System
        • Lymph Circulation
          Massage increases lymph flow in normal tissues through the pumping action created by compression and decompression of tissues. Tissue stretching has an effect on the rhythm and coordination of the contractions of the valves in the lymph system.
        • Blood Circulation
          Compression of tissues during massage empties venous beds, lowering venous pressure, and increasing capillary blood flow. Stimulation of deep tissue receptors triggers changes in venous or arteriolar tone via the sympathetic nervous system.
        • Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
          Massage seems to cause an initial increase in arterial blood pressure and heart rate followed by a decrease in both.
    • Nervous System - The nervous system can be stimulated or sedated depending on the type of massage applied.
      Stimulation of peripheral nerve receptors can have effects on vasomotor nerves, internal organs, pain perception, and joints and muscles of the areas being massaged.
    • Muscle & Connective Tissue
      Stretching tissues, breaking up and realigning certain types of scar tissue. Muscle relaxation, relief from spasms and cramps, and increased range of motion through effects on specialized nerve endings.
    • Skin
      Increases blood circulation to the skin and activates sweat and oil glands; hastens the sloughing of dead skin cells; and lubricants may provide nutrients to the skin.

Aromatherapy Benefits

Aromatherapy offers many added benefits when combined with your normal massage service. The therapy's we offer are:

    • Eucalyptus Globulus - Herbaceous and menthol-like fragrence. Offers a cooling sensation when added to a massage
    • Peppermint - Refreshing, clear, minty aromma. Helpful in releaving nausea and headaches.
    • Jasmine - Intensely floral aroma. Promotes a bright and happy emotion.
    • Sandalwood - Woody and sensual. This oil helps calm the nervous system and is emotionally grounding.
    • Sweet Orange - Warm and bright fragrance. Instills optimism and happiness
    • Rose - Light floral scent. Sooths and harmonizes to help with depression, anger, grief, and nervous tension.
    • Vanilla - A warm light frangrance that promotes calm and restores center to your body.
    • Cinnamon - Sweet, warm, and spicy aroma. Used for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties for cleansing of the body.

Employer Benefits Programs

First Hand Experience has partnered with insurance and discount partners to make the many benefits of massage available to you. Service discounts are available for PerksCard members, OptumHealthAllies, American Specialy Health, Students, Civil Service Employees, and many others. Give us a quick call at 404-226-3590 and we would be happy to go over your particular program and the benefits we can offer.